Migrating to Cloud-Native technology with Jakarta EE: Transform your legacy Java EE project into a cloud native application


A pragmatic guide that will take an existing Java EE application and migrate it to the latest version of Jakarta EE and turn it into a cloud native and serverless application.

The book will start with a history of Jakarta EE. Next, we will introduce an example application that we will use throughout the book as a reference application. We will gradually upgrade this application to the latest features available in Jakarta EE. We will then show how the reader can upgrade his existing Jakarta EE application. First simply migrating the code to be compatible with the latest version. And then adapting it using the modern features.

Next, the reader will be introduced to containers and what it means to build a truly cloud-native application. This is done by bringing Eclipse Microprofile into the mix.

The next big step is moving the application from the reader's own hardware to managed hardware in the cloud. This will be done by making the application run on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Finally, we will look at running services that run in a serverless architecture.

You can find the book on Amazon.