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Helidon quickstart with an IDE

Introduction Helidon is a collection of libraries for writing microservices. It fully supports GraalVM, Jakarta EE, and Microprofile. While the quickstart on the Helidon site already tells you how to create a project, I wanted to offer you a few great alternatives. This tutorial will look at creating a Helidon project using the online starter and IntelliJ. I will also cover how to create a run profile for your project, so you don't have to use the command line every time.

Scoped Values in Java

Scoped values are a new way to share data between threads without using method parameters. They also use less memory compared to Thread local variables. What is a Scoped Value Scoped values are a new addition to the Java language. I was first introduced as an incubating feature in Java 20 as JEP 429, as a preview feature in Java 21 in JEP 446, and is currently in the second preview round in Java 22 as JEP 464 .

Lifecycle methods JUnit 5 and 4

Introduction In this post, I am going to show you how you can run methods before and after a test method runs. Junit offers 4 different annotations you can use to decide when a method runs during the lifecycle of a test. One annotation lets you run a method before all the other tests are started while another runs every time before a test is started. The annotations differ between JUnit 5 and 4, I will show how both of them work starting with JUnit 5.